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Elevate Your Home With Alabaster

Alabaster is a soft, fine-grained sedimentary gypsum rock with a smooth, translucent appearance. Even with substantial thick alabaster, light can pass through it creating a warm glow that's exquisite and elevates any room of your home.

Each piece of alabaster varies in color, tint and pattern meaning no two alabaster lights are identical. See for yourself.

Alabaster Tints

Alabaster - Untinted


Alabaster - Light Tint

Light Tint

Alabaster - Medium Tint

Medium Tint

Alabaster - Dark Tint

Dark Tint

Every stone accepts stain differently and these tints are approximate representations of stain color.

More About Alabaster

Where Does Alabaster Come From

Where Does Alabaster Come From?

Brass Light Gallery's alabaster is quarried in Spain. We use the authentic stone for its unique qualities and natural characteristics. The translucency of alabaster diffuses light softly and evenly, which is why they make marvelous light fixtures.

Why is Alabaster Popular?

Alabaster is popular because it is soft and easy to work or carve. The use of alabaster to create decorative objects and lamps with
ornamental carving dates back to early civilization.

Why is Alabaster Popular

How is Alabaster Unique

How is Alabaster Unique?

Natural alabaster stone will have distinctive veins, markings and color
variations that are unique to each piece. No two are the same. The light from within illuminating the natural veining and subtle coloration define this prized material.