Brass Light Gallery FAQ

Do you work with interior designers?

Yes! We work with interior designers to meet their needs in order to succeed. Go to our Trade Program Application Form.

Do I need to pay to file a Trade application?

No. Once your Trade application has been processed and verified you will receive a welcome email that includes your account number. Processing takes 48-72 hours.

Does Brass Light Gallery offer Trade Discounts?

We are a lighting manufacturer that sells direct. This keeps our quality high and prices fair. In certain cases, Brass Light Gallery can offer a modest Trade Discount, especially for orders with larger quantities of the same fixture. To see if your company qualifies, please contact our sales team at 1-800-243-9595.

Do you sell light fixtures directly to the public?

Yes. Brass Light Gallery is the manufacturer of interior and exterior light fixtures made in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. By selling our fixtures direct, we eliminate the middleman. This keeps the prices of our high quality, handcrafted light fixtures fair and within reach of every consumer.

What is the lead time for your lighting?

Typically, Interior Lighting requires 2-3 weeks from order to shipment. Depending on the time of year, our Exterior Lanterns and Market Lights can require from 2 to 6 weeks to complete from the date of order. If time is tight, we do offer Expediting Service for very quick shipment of our made-to-order light fixtures. Contact the sales team if you need a very accurate shipment date estimation. We recommend you order your lighting well in advance of the date of scheduled installation.

What is the lead time for Brass Light Gallery's interior light fixtures?

In general, we ship interior lighting within 2 to 3 weeks. Our made to order, made in Milwaukee lighting includes your choice of metal finish, overall length, and shade option.

Does your lighting company ship internationally?

Yes! In our 40+ year history, Brass Light Gallery has shipped many orders internationally including to Russia, Japan, The Caribbean, Australia, England, Canada, and all over Europe. If you plan to install our lights outside of the United States, please be sure to contact our sales team with details so that we can work with our engineering depart to ensure we have the correct wiring and sockets for your international light fixtures.

Does Brass Light Gallery ship light fixtures to the UK?

Yes. We ship our made in Milwaukee light fixtures internationally. Depending on the destination of the light fixtures, the fixtures are wired to the standard voltage of the country. Contact our sales team to ensure the correct voltage is ordered for your lighting.

Do Brass Light Gallery light fixtures ever go "On Sale"?

We are a lighting manufacturer that sells direct. This keeps our quality high and prices fair. In certain cases, Brass Light Gallery can offer a modest discount, especially for large volume orders. To see if your order qualifies, please contact our sales team at 1-800-243-9595.

Are your fixtures UL Listed?

Yes. Our fixtures ship with label of UL listing for Luminaires.

Do your light fixtures comply with California's Title 24?

Brass Light Gallery fixtures manufactured with a GU24 socket will comply with California's Title 24.

Are you available to provide written dimensions, finish options, and pricing for all of your light fixtures?

Yes. Brass Light Gallery designs and manufactures light fixtures in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and sells directly to homeowners, architects, designers, and contractors nationwide. We routinely provide written dimensions, finish options, and pricing for all types of commercial and residential projects, both large and small.

What does OAL stand for?

OAL is an acronym for Over All Length.

How do you measure overall length (OAL) of your light fixtures?

We measure from the ceiling to the bottom most part of the light fixture, whatever that may be.

Are shades included in the OAL?


What is the best way to determine the Overall Length of my exterior light fixture?

Determining the best Overall Length for your exterior light fixture depends on the ceiling height of where the light or lantern will be mounted. Architectural considerations such as door height, transom windows, and overall scale of the area will also be factors in choosing an optimum Overall Length. We offer chain and stem mount fixtures made to order in 1 inch increments starting from the minimum overall fixture length which is the shortest length available. For expert advice in determining the best Overall Length for your project, please contact our sale team. Providing photos and measurements will aid them to advise you with the best scale and Overall Length for your exterior light fixture.

What is the difference between Lantern Height and Overall Length?

The specifications for our exterior lanterns generally list two different heights: Lantern Height and Overall Length. The Lantern Height is the height of the lantern only - this is an important measurement for determining the correct scale lantern for your location. The Overall Length of an outdoor light fixture is measured from the bottom of the lantern to the top of the fixture's ceiling canopy. This is true for non-variable length fixtures with Flush Ceiling Mount and for variable length fixtures with Chain or Stem Mounting where we make the fixture in the Overall Length you specify. If you need help determining the correct Overall Length for your project, please contact our sales team for advice. Be sure to have the ceiling height and dimensions of the area so that we can give you the best possible advice.

What is the recommended scale, or bowl diameter, for my space?

  • Over dining room tables -18" and 24' diameter bowls.
  • Breakfast nooks and other smaller spaces -15" to 19" diameter bowls.
  • Residential hallways with 8' ceiling - 12" to 16" diameter bowls.
  • Wider hallways and single-story foyers - 15" to 19" diameter bowls.
  • Larger spaces such as two story foyers and great rooms - 24", 30" and 36" diameter.

How high above my kitchen island should I hang a light fixture?

The bottom of the fixture should hang approximately 68"-76" above the floor.

How high above a table should I hang my light fixture?

The bottom of the fixture should be approximately 60"- 66" above the floor.

Powder Room Sconces: How High?

Q: I am renovating my Powder Room and my electrician asked me where to mount the electric boxes. I want the look of your Sunflower Candle Sconce placed on either side of the mirror. Any guidelines? A: I do recommend flanking a mirror with sconces rather than one atop. Practically speaking they provide an even light without shadows.  Advise the electrician to place the center of the box 60 inches above the finished floor (AFF) to place the light source around face-height. Often I encounter boxes arbitrarily placed 66 - 72 inches off the floor rather than the ideal 60 inch height for a candle sconce.  For horizontal placement consider the relationship to the mirror.  Aesthetically, you want some visual breathing room. I recommend locating the widest part of the sconce 2 - 4 inches from the edge of the mirror.

Foyer Lighting: How Low Can It Go?

Unless your husband or wife is a pro basketball player, follow your instincts! There is plenty of room for a decorative fixture and your foyer is an opportunity to set the tone for your entire home. Keep in mind that an eight foot ceiling in a foyer is not really unusual. Even homes with vaulted ceilings have 8' to 9' high foot entryways to create intimacy in areas designed to welcome visitors. The rule of thumb we use at Brass Light Gallery is to set the bottom of the fixture about 6'-8" off the floor. Think about it, this is the same height as a standard door opening and anyone accustomed to this spacing will not be made uncomfortable. I'm a tall person (6'-8") and my experience has been that a 16" overall length works great for an 8' ceiling.

Will Brass Light Gallery send me lantern samples to help determine the correct scale?

Yes. We regularly send homeowners, landscape architects, and residential and commercial architects lantern samples to help determine the correct scale of outdoor lantern for their unique situation. Generally, we send lantern samples at no charge to qualified buyers in the lower 48 states. In addition to helping determine the correct scale, our lantern samples convey the top quality of our handcrafted, made in Milwaukee light fixtures.

Do you make Custom Light Fixtures?

Yes! If your project requires special lighting specifications not available in our vast line of standard light fixtures, we will review your custom light fixture request with our engineering and design team. In many cases, we can fulfill the requirements of your custom light fixture. Please contact the sales team with your custom light fixture questions.

Do you sell vintage and antique light fixtures?

Absolutely. We sell beautifully restored vintage and antique chandeliers, sconces, and ceiling fixtures. We have an extensive collection of vintage and antique light fixtures including period Halophane - Vintage Prismatic pendants, original industrial style Enamel Shade wall sconces and pendants, Hollywood Bowl glass ceiling fixtures, and thousands of antique chandeliers and wall sconces. If you are unable to visit our showroom, please contact our sales team if you are looking for a specific style or period of antique light fixture. You can see a selection of our vintage and antique light fixtures by going to:

Does Brass Light Gallery still have printed catalogs of your lighting collections available?

Some of our printed catalogs of lighting collections are still available, however they don't contain all of the new light fixture styles added over the past 10 years. For the most up to date information, browse our website or contact our sales team if you need assistance.

Are there Brass Light Gallery printed product catalogs available?

Some of our previously printed catalogs are available, but don't contain our newest fixtures. For the most comprehensive and current selection of light fixtures, please browse our website. If you need assistance selecting light fixtures, contact our sales department for expert guidance.

What is Alabaster?

A soft translucent stone, alabaster has been used since antiquity to create ornaments, sculptures and lighting. When lit, alabaster produces a soft pleasant light suitable for dining or reading, as well as illumination in interior spaces where soft ambiance is desired. All of Brass Light Gallery's Alabaster Light Fixtures are made with genuine alabaster stone.

Where does Alabaster come from?

Our natural alabaster comes direct from a European quarry. Brass Light Gallery has worked with the same quarry for more than twenty-five years.

Are your Alabaster Shades real?

Yes, Our Alabaster Shades are carved from pure alabaster stone in Southern Europe, not to be confused with man-made "faux alabaster".

Are any two pieces of Alabaster identical?

No. Alabaster is a natural stone, made by nature and no two pieces are ever exactly the same. Patterning, veining, and translucency depends on what part of the quarry the alabaster was mined from. You can request that we hand select your order to make the best match, but the natural variation of genuine alabaster stone is what makes it beautiful for lighting.

What are Alabaster Tints?

Alabaster is available in it's natural tone or with three tint options. Untinted (9A), Light Tint (5A), Medium Tint (6A) and Dark Tint (7A). Alabaster Tint Samples may be requested from our Customer Service Department.

Are Alabaster Light Fixtures recommended for Commercial Applications?

Yes. Our alabaster light fixtures have been used on many commercial projects across the country including fine restaurants, universities, corporate spaces, theaters, hotels, assisted living facilities, and libraries. Please contact us with energy efficient lamping and large quantity questions.

Are there standard tinting options for Alabaster Light Fixtures?

Yes. Unless otherwise specified, our hand-carved alabaster bowls are supplied standard with subtle tint. Upon request, darker hand applied tint options are available. Our smooth, non-carved bowls are supplied standard as natural alabaster with no tint. Upon request, other hand applied tint options are available. Please contact our sales team for more information.

Are all your Alabaster Bowls the same depth?

No. Depending on the style and size of the Alabaster Bowl, depths vary. For example, the depth of the 16 inch diameter Navarra bowl is 5 inches and depth of the 19 inch diameter Navarra bowl is 4.25 inches. To check the depth of any of our genuine Alabaster Bowls, please contact our Sales Team.

Is there an option for length on your Alabaster light fixtures?

Yes. All of our alabaster pendants and chandeliers include your choice of overall length and metal finish options for the solid brass fittings. If you need help determining the correct overall length for your alabaster light fixture, please call or email our sales team with your questions. We have years of experience helping customers determine the correct light fixture length for every size room and ceiling height.

Can I choose my own Alabaster Bowl?

Yes! You can choose the Alabaster Bowl for your light fixture by setting up an appointment in our Milwaukee Showroom. Please call ahead so that we can find appropriate choices for you in our warehouse and have them ready for you to look at. If you live too far away to visit our Milwaukee showroom in person, please contact our sales team and we will email you photos of available alabaster bowls. We can't always guarantee to have your request in stock, but we do make every effort to help you find an Alabaster Bowl you will love living with!

What is an Alabaster Center Rod Break option?

On alabaster ceiling pendants 21" OAL and longer, we provide center breaks. On alabaster ceiling pendants shorter than 21", rods are made without breaks. You may customize your pendant to be made with or without rod breaks when ordering. Specify in your order notes or call Sales at (800-243-9595) for more information.

What is a Multi-Rod Cluster for longer Alabaster Fixture overall lengths?

Starting at 60" overall length (OAL), we add a center cluster and rod extension for multi-rod ceiling fixtures with very long lengths. These work well in homes that have two story rooms as well as in large commercial spaces. The multi-rod cluster works well on angled ceilings too.

Do you sell Brass Fittings separately from Alabaster Bowls?

Yes. Brass Light Gallery will custom make Brass Fittings for your existing Alabaster or Glass Bowl. We offer a range of Brass Fittings styles from simple to ornate and all are available in any of our 13 high quality metal finish choices. To make Brass Fittings with the correct Overall Length for your light fixture, we will need photos and dimensions of your Alabaster or Glass Bowl.

What are the lamping options for Alabaster light fixtures?

Our Alabaster pendants and wall sconces can be used with either incandescent or LED bulbs. Most light fixtures can also be specified for use with energy efficient compact fluorescent lamps. For details, please contact us at

What metal finish options are available for my Alabaster light fixture?

Each of our thirteen high quality metal finishes are available for the fittings of our alabaster Pendants, alabaster Chandeliers, and alabaster Wall Sconces that offer metal options such as backplates, finials, rosettes or other details. Metal finish samples may be requested from our Sales Department by calling 800-235-9595 or by emailing

Will Alabaster burn?

No, alabaster is not flammable but it will discolor if exposed to excessive heat. Most of our alabaster light fixtures are supplied with heat shields to prevent discoloration. Never exceed the recommended wattage of your alabaster light fixture.

What are Alabaster heat shields?

Heat shields clamp onto the socket to diffuse the heat given off by a lamp (light bulb). Each of our alabaster light fixtures comes with clear instructions for how heat shields should be installed in your fixture. Always position the heat shield in the space between the bulb and the alabaster portion of your fixture. Never exceed the recommended wattage of your alabaster fixture or you risk harming it.

How should heat shields be positioned?

Directly in between your alabaster and the light bulb.

Is the perforated metal bracket supposed to block light?

No. This is a heat shield. It should not be positioned above the light bulb. Position it in between the light source and the alabaster stone.

How do I clean Alabaster?

The best way to clean your alabaster light fixture is to wipe off the alabaster with a clean damp dust cloth. Do not use chemicals or abrasives!

Why do you make your light fixtures from brass?

Brass is a metal alloy composed primarily of copper and zinc. Copper is the main component, and zinc is the second component. The color of brass varies from a dark reddish brown to a light silvery yellow depending on the amount of zinc present. Brass is stronger and harder than copper, but not as strong or hard as steel. Brass has a combination of strength, corrosion resistance, and formability that make it a useful material for decorative metalwork. Brass also has an advantage over other materials in that most products made from brass are recycled or reused, rather than being discarded in a landfill. In manufacturing our new brass light fixtures, Brass Light Gallery has taken cues from the best practices of antiquity by choosing brass as our medium. Brass also has excellent casting properties allowing for intricate detail on decorative parts. Finally, brass is amenable to metal finishing, thereby allowing us to offer our light fixtures in 13 distinct colors - from chocolatey Architectural Bronze to warm Antique Copper to elegant Satin Antique Brass.

Are all of your light fixtures available in each of your thirteen metal finishes?

Yes and No. All of our Interior Light Fixtures are available in each of our thirteen high quality metal finishes. Our Exterior Light Fixtures are available in: Antique Copper, Verdigris Patina, Satin Antique Brass, Architectural Bronze, Black, and Architectural Iron. If you plan to use an Exterior Light Fixture indoors, it is possible that we CAN make it in any Metal Finish for a nominal custom charge. Please contact the sales team for detailed information or for Metal Finish Samples.

Are Exterior Light Fixtures available in more than one metal finish option?

Yes! Our customers love the character and quality of our diverse finish options. Our popular genuine Verdigris Patina will weather gracefully. To request metal finish samples, please contact our sales team by calling 800-235-9595 or by emailing

How can I obtain Metal Finish Samples?

Please contact our sales team if you need samples sent to you to help you decide on which Metal Finish to choose for your lighting order. We offer thirteen standard high quality metal finish choices.

Do you offer any other Metal Finishes in addition to your thirteen standard Metal Finish choices?

Yes. Over the years we have developed many custom authentic metal finishes such as Satin Antique Brass with Gold or Old Dutch Brass for special projects. Other finishes we offer include Raw Copper and Brushed Brass. Recently, we made some very special custom light fixtures in 24 KT gold. If you are trying to match existing fixtures or hardware, and details really matter.

Are the metal finishes on your lights authentic?

All of our metal finishes are "real", not the inferior sprayed on variety found on most metal products.

Are your finishes brass plated?

No. All of our light fixtures are made of solid brass. Depending on the finish, we either polish or scratch the solid brass. Metal finishes that are colors other than brass such as: Antique Copper, Verdigris Patina, Brushed or Polished Nickel, Architectural Bronze, or Architectural Iron are authentic patinas on the brass or plated over the brass. Our artistic, high quality metal finishes age gracefully and last for years to come.

Are Brass Light Gallery Lanterns available in Antique Copper metal finish?

Yes, Antique Copper is one of the six high quality metal finish choices we offer for our outdoor lighting. All of our lanterns are handcrafted in our Milwaukee plant of solid brass. Our Antique Copper finish involves copper plating the brass components. The parts are then toned to an earthy reddish-brown color. After assembly, the entire Antique Copper lantern is waxed sealed. If you'd like to receive a physical sample of this metal finish, or any of the others we offer, please contact our sales team. The other outdoor metal finish choices for lanterns are: authentic Verdigris Patina, rich Architectural Bronze, warm Satin Antique Brass, classic Black, and transitional Architectural iron.

Do you make fixtures in Polished Chrome?

Yes, we can make light fixtures in Polished Chrome, but it is not a standard metal finish, so there will be a custom up charge. Our Polished Nickel finish is slightly warmer in tone than Chrome, but most customers find that Polished Nickel lighting looks fine with Chrome faucets.

Does your Polished Nickel finish require polishing or maintenance?

No. Our Polished Nickel metal finish is lacquered so does not require maintenance. Gently clean dust from your Polished Nickel light fixture with a dry, soft cloth. If further cleaning is required to remove spatters, dip your cloth in water with a mild dish detergent. To avoid harming the lacquer coating protecting the polished surface of your light fixture, never use harsh chemicals or spray cleaners such as Windex to clean your polished fixtures.

What are your Brass Post Options?

We offer high quality, heavy grade Brass Posts metal finished to match your Exterior Post Mounted Lanterns. Our Brass Posts are 3 inches in diameter and come in heights from 24 inches to 96 inches in 12 inch increments. If you need a custom height Brass Post, please contact our sales team for assistance.

What is Overlay?

Many of our indoor and outdoor lanterns offer an Overlay choice. Overlay is a decorative design element that is placed over the Art Glass Panels and built into the frame of the lantern. The Overlay emphasizes certain architectural styles. For example, our Studio Lantern family offers Prairie Overlay (Prairie Style), Foursquare Overlay (Craftsman Style), Macintosh Overlay (Arts & Crafts), and No Overlay (Modern/Contemporary). Depending on the details of your home such as the shapes or panes of windows, wall cladding, or other considerations, the Overlay will complement the architecture. If you need assistance choosing the best Overlay for your interior or exterior lanterns, please contact our sales team for expert advice.

What does Overlay on an Outdoor Fixture mean?

Many of our exterior lanterns have an Overlay choice. Overlay is a decorative pattern built into the lantern and mounted over the Art Glass Panels. Our Overlay choices are historically inspired and designed to complement architectural details on your home or building. Outdoor Light Fixtures with Overlay options include: Carriage Lantern, Cottage Lantern, Pine Lake Lantern, Prairie View Lantern, Bungalow Lantern, Castle Gate Lantern, Studio Lantern, Chicago Lantern, Montara Lantern, Ravenwood Ceiling Fixture, and Hillside Ceiling Fixture. Most of these exterior fixtures can also come with No Overlay or Custom Overlay. Please contact our Sales Team for detailed information.

Can I order my lanterns with Custom Overlay?

Yes, lanterns and lantern light fixtures can be ordered with a Custom Overlay. Please contact our sales team to find out how to order Custom Overlay for your indoor and outdoor lanterns.

What is a Vintage Holophane Light Fixture?

The term "Holophane" is used to describe clear molded glass or crystal shades and globes with parallel or crosscut prisms. Vintage Holophanes (circa 1890s-1950s) are outstanding examples of early to mid-twentieth century industrial art. The crisp clean lines create a beautiful glow when illuminated. Holophane glass was invented in the 1890s and was made in many shapes, sizes and patterns to provide specific types of illumination. The term "Prismatic" is an alternative term for Holophane glass. We have been collecting and selling antique Holophane light fixtures for more than 40 years. We offer various styles of new made to order fittings with our Holophane shades. Because of the rare nature of Holophane glass, please contact our sales team to check availability.

Wattage and Bulbs for Different Shade Types

Please note that shade choice may change the wattage capacity of a fixture. The CN-100-A1 Glendale Candle Sconce is listed with a maximum of 60 watts, but if a #E250 Eggshell Pleated Silk shade is used, for example, the maximum is 40 watts. A glass shade accommodates 150 watts unless otherwise noted. The maximum wattage for Alabaster Cup shades is 40 watts.

What kind of light bulbs do I use in your light fixtures?

Almost all of our light fixtures are supplied with either medium base screw-in sockets or candelabra base screw in sockets. These sockets will accept incandescent lamps or the equivalent compact fluorescent/LED self ballasted lamp.

Can I use LED bulbs in your fixtures?

Yes! We label our fixtures with the maximum wattage for an incandescent style lamp. An LED equivalent light bulb may be used instead.

What is the best bulb to use in Low Voltage Market Lights?

Our popular path light, the Market Light - Low Voltage Option uses a G4 bi-pin base lamp and there are multiple lamps that will fit this base. Our preferred choice is an LED style lamp.We prefer a warm white color, look for 3000k or lower. Average life claim is 25000 hours. There are dozens of options in the marketplace with wide variances in quality. A good place to start is a 10 or 20 Watt equivalent.If you don't want or need an LED option use a quartz halogen lamp. A standard quartz halogen lamp has an average life of 2000 hours. Xenon lamps are also available and are preferred due to their longer service life (10w Xenon lamp - average life 10,000 hours and 20w Xenon lamp - average life 5,000 hours).

What dimmer and lamp type should I use?

The push towards higher efficiency in lighting gives us some great options but certainly hasn't simplified the choices. Dimming is not a good idea with every lamp type (ie Incandescent, Fluorescent, LED). Here is our take on the current state. If you are using incandescent lamps, adding a dimmer is worth considering. You will save energy and increase your control over light output. For compact fluorescent, the specialized equipment required for dimming will be obsolete in a few years. LED is the future, but has not hit the mainstream yet.
Pros and cons for dimmers and lamp type.
Incandescent Lamp (Light Bulb)
• Conventional dimmer will reduce electricity consumption and will increase lamp life.
• Frequent on/off switching WILL NOT reduce lamp life.
• No warm up time.
CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp)
• Requires special dimmers and special dimmable lamps.
• Frequent on/off switching WILL reduce lamp life.
• Requires warm up of 30-480 seconds.
LED (Light Emitting Diode)
• Compatible with conventional dimmers.
• Frequent on/off switching should not reduce lamp life.
• Energy consumption is reduced with or without dimmer.
• No warm up time.
• Still an emerging technology.
Our recommendation, install CFL lamps in areas that tend to remain lit for longer periods where light quality is not critical. Use incandescent lamps in areas that are frequently switched off and on, and where dimming adjustment is preferred. Give LED a try if you want to be on the leading edge of energy efficient trends in lighting. 

How can I tell which size shade a light fixture accommodates?

Most of our product names include the shade holder size.

How do I choose the right shade for my light fixture?

Our exclusive shade collection is coded to help you match the correct shade fitter to the light fixture's shade holder. A fitter is the lip of the shade that inserts into the fixture's shade holder. Many of our Light Fixture Families have coordinating lights that come in a variety of styles. For example: CN-200-A4-Carlton Sconce with 2 1/4" fitter, CN-200-B7-Carlton Candle Sconce, and CN-200-A5-Carlton Sconce with Globe which has a 3 1/4" fitter. If you need assistance choosing an appropriate shade for your light fixture, please contact our sales team. Each of the shades in our exclusive collection is chosen for classic material and artisan quality. As with our light fixtures, our shades are made with exceptional quality and craftsmanship.
Fitter Sizes:
• Shades beginning with the letter A = 2-1/4", A4 shade holder
• Shades beginning with the letter B = 3-1/4", A5 shade holder
• Shades beginning with the letter C = 4-1/4", A6 shade holder
• Shades beginning with the letter D = 6-1/4", A8 shade holder
• Shades beginning with the letter E = torpedo bulb medium base clip-on, B7, K3, and E5 shade holders
• Shades beginning with the letter F = type A household bulb candelabra base clip-on, A1 shade holder
• Shades beginning with the letter H = 29mm fitter
• Shades beginning with the letter J = 45mm fitter, F9 shade holder
• Shades beginning with the letter K = 1-3/4" fitter, C3 shade holder

What does the first letter of the Shade number mean?

Each shade model number starts with a letter to help you match the shade to the fitter size.
A = 2-1/4" fitter
B = 3-1/4" fitter
C = 4-1/4" fitter
D = 6-1/4" fitter
E = torpedo bulb clip-on
F = type A house hold bulb clip-on
H = 29mm fitter
J = 45mm fitter
K = 1-3/4" hurricane fitter
R = O-Ring

What is Art Glass?

Art glass is a term used to describe decorative glass. Stained glass windows are made of art glass. Our exterior lantern light fixtures feature art glass panels for beauty and function. Brass Light Gallery offers 9 unique art glass options. Art glass samples may be requested by contacting our sales team. Brass Light Gallery also offers Clear Glass as an option.

Where does your Art Glass come from?

All of our art glass is made in the USA.

How can I see all the Glass Panel Choices for Brass Light Gallery lanterns?

Please contact our Sales Team if you need samples of the Glass Panel choices we offer for our lanterns. We offer 9 distinct choices of Made in America glass for our lantern panels.

The Glass Panels on my lantern are broken. Do you offer Replacement Glass Panels?

Yes! If your Brass Light Gallery Lantern needs new Glass Panels, we can send you replacements. Please contact our sales team with the lantern model number, Art Glass panel choice, and quantity. If you need help determining which lantern style you have or which Art Glass panel you need, please email a photograph to our sales team. There is a nominal fee for Replacement Glass Panels.

What is Oplaine Glass?

Today, Opaline Glass  is often used as a misnomer to describe a wide range of opal or pastel colored translucent glass with the terms Opalescent or Opal commonly interchanged. At Brass Light Gallery we define Opaline Glass in traditional terms. The opaline glass produced and sold today is based the glass made during the Victorian Period. This fabulous glass is among our favorites. Because high quality vintage opaline glass shades are increasingly hard to find, we thought it was imperative to replicate this historically significant glass. A few years back, we sought out the best glass makers in Europe and America to help us recreate opaline glass. With a bit of alchemy and trial & error, an artisan glass blower was able to superbly reproduce opaline glass in historic shapes exclusively for Brass Light Gallery. Each piece is hand blown and is one of a kind.Originally, Opaline was a decorative style of mold blown and free blown glass that was popular in France from the 1800s to the 1890s. French opaline glass peaked in popularity in the 1850s and 1860s. The french glass had a very high lead content and was categorized as demi or semi-crystal. Colors ranged from white to bold green, blue, pink, lavender and even black. Decorative objects such as vases, perfume bottles and clocks were created with opaline glass.In the Victorian era a variety of milky translucent glass, sometimes with a subtle blue or pastel hue, was widely produced for gas and electric lighting in France, England and America. Electric 2-1/4" fitter shades were made in bell shapes, sometimes with swirled patterns and/or ruffled edges. 4-1/4" fitter gas shades were made to match. Enclosed globes were made in round, tear drop or stalagmite shapes, sometimes with swirled or striped patterns.Included among many of the manufacturers was the Pittsburgh based Phoenix Glass Company. Shades were often sold through early fixture catalogs like those of the R. Williamson Company Lamp Catalog, Chicago. We have a precious supply of vintage opaline glass from both Europe and America to be paired with our original antique and vintage lighting. Please note, vintage glass is not sold separately.In addition, we are making classic limited edition Opaline Ceiling Pendents, with a modern twist. These pendants are a attractive lighting choice for bedrooms, powder rooms or hallways.

Do you sell reproduction Opaline Glass Shades?

Yes. We have the most authentic reproductions of Opaline Glass Shades available on the market. Our exclusive collection of Opaline Glass Shades with 2 ¼ inch fitters includes a variety of original vintage shapes such as Trumpet (A498), Swirled Chablis (A487), Swirled Bell Flower (A488), and Ruffled Flower (A491). Our Opaline Glass Shades shapes with 3 ¼" fitters include Tear Drop (B454), Swirled Tear Drop (B453), and Round Globe (B463). We also have a fantastic Opaline Glass Gas Shade with a 4 ¼" inch fitter. To see photos of our beautiful Opaline Glass collection, please search the shade code or contact the sales team for assistance.

Do you have staff available for lighting consultation on projects such as film sets, historic restoration, notable landscape lighting, and exclusive interior design projects?

Yes. We have experienced and highly qualified staff members that regularly consult with architects, interior designers, and homeowners regarding the proper lighting for all types of projects from historic to contemporary, indoors and out. Notable commercial lighting projects include: St. Josephat's Basilica in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; the Lyric Opera in Chicago, Illinois; and Fantasyland in Disney World Park in Orlando, Florida. Our staff makes weekly site visits to homes and businesses in Milwaukee, Madison, Northern Wisconsin, and the Chicago area.

What choices do I have to tailor an outdoor lantern to my home or landscape?

All Brass Light Gallery Lanterns are made to order in our Milwaukee plant. That means we can offer you many choices of lantern styles, scales and mounting options. Other important options to tailor your outdoor lantern to your project include: choice of 7 different high quality Metal Finishes and choice of 9 different Art Glass Panels, optional Multi-Socket Cluster, and many lanterns offer Overlay options.

What is the best way to set a Post in the ground for a post mounted exterior fixture?

The best method for mounting or setting a post in the ground depends on the climate conditions and the electrical codes of where you live. Some guidelines call for setting the post in a concrete fitting 48 inches below the frost line. This is a strong method of installation, but difficult to modify if the need arises. In warmer regions of the country, a hole three times the diameter of the post and 1/2 the length of the exposed post back-filled with sand or crushed limestone is sufficient. Your electrical contractor will know the best method for your situation. Brass Light Gallery recommends professional installation of post mounted exterior light fixtures.

What is a Pier Mount versus a Post Mount for Exterior Lanterns?

A Pier Mount, also called a Column Mount is used for lanterns that are to be attached to the top of stone, concrete, or brick columns. For secure installation, we include an appropriately scaled sub-base with our Pier / Column Mount light fixtures. A Post Mount light fixture has a collar attached to the bottom for easy mounting to our solid brass 3 inch diameter posts. Our posts are metal finished to match your lantern and come in a variety of lengths from 24 inches to 96 inches. If you need assistance determining the scale of your Pier / Column Mount light fixtures or help deciding on the correct height Post with the right scale of Post Mount lantern, please contact our sales team for expert advice.

What is the best way to determine the correct size lantern for my Column or Pier?

Please contact our sales team to determine the correct scale of Column/Pier Mount Lantern for your project. We have lantern samples in the showroom and can mock up your column or pier. If you are unable to visit the showroom in person, we will make a mock up and email you photos. Or, if you need a lantern sample on site, we will ship one to you.

How do I choose a Post Light?

Think about style, scale, metal finish and decorative details, in that order, when choosing a post light to achieve tasteful curb appeal.Consider the architecture of your home, whether it is a distinct period style or a blend of styles. I often recommend choosing a lantern that echos the roof pitch, general shape, or massing of the home. Note how our hand crafted Lancaster (shown right) compliments the roof line as well as gable of this French Tudor Home, circa 1920s.Scale is equally important.  Determining the best size for your post will depend upon your preference, the lantern style and the surrounding architectural scale the lantern is meant to complement. Avoid the "lollipop look," when an over-sized lantern is placed too close to the ground.  Equally important, avoid the "pinhead look," when too small of a lantern is placed too far off grade. Mocking up a cardboard outline of the lantern size you are considering and asking someone to hold it up at the site for your contemplation, can also prove helpful in determining scale.Consider metal finishes that either relate to exterior hardware, paint colors or brick & stone hues. Consider verdigris patina if you'd like the fixture to blend with the landscape.Give yourself, your home and your neighborhood's environment a lift by investing in the right choice for your welcoming post light on a walkway or curbside.Uncertain of style and scale? Email your pictures and dimensions -- our professional design team can guide you in the right direction.      

What is the difference between Line Voltage and Low Voltage Path Lighting?

Our Market Lights and Lantern Path Lighting are available in either Line Voltage or Low Voltage.
Line Voltage is 120 volts and the standard US electrical current. Some of the benefits of line voltage include: provides strong, consistent light; uses standard light bulbs (A15 appliance bulbs readily available at hardware stores); the light output is greater because higher wattage is available; and no transformer is needed. Low Voltage is categorized as 24 volts or less. Landscape Lighting in Low Voltage is 12 volts. A benefit of Low Voltage Lighting is lower energy consumption due to more efficient bulbs. The downsides of Low Voltage Lighting include: the farther the light is from transformer, the dimmer it gets; Bi-Pin base bulbs can be hard to find for the G4 base socket. a separate Transformer is required.

What is a Fitter?

A fitter is the lip of the shade that inserts into a light fixture's shade holder. When selecting shades, it is important that the fitter size matches the light fixture's shade holder size.

Do your light fixtures accommodate different fitter sizes?

Many of our light fixture styles are available with different shade holder sizes. Filtering by Shade Type may help you find the item you need.

What is a GU24 socket and what are they used for?

A GU24 socket type is a (relatively) new design designed to prevent the use of in-efficient incandescent light bulbs. GU24 lamps use twist and lock bi-pin lamps.

Are GU24 lamp sockets available for GU24 light bulbs on your fixtures?

Yes, most of our light fixtures can be made with a GU24 socket. If you cannot find the exact product you need on our website please contact us.

What is a Multi-Socket Cluster?

A tight grouping, or cluster, of lamps (light bulbs) is known as a Multi-Socket Cluster. Ours generally have either two or three sockets and are often chosen for traditional lanterns for historic, aesthetic appeal if transparent glass panels such as Waterfall or Clear Seeded Glass are being used. Clusters can also be used in lanterns with more translucent art glass panels such as Gold White, Cream, or Pearl if maximum light is needed. Our Standard Sockets accommodate up to (1) 150 watt lamp while our Multi-Socket Clusters accommodate up to (2) 60 watt or (3) 100 watt lamps depending on the size of the lantern.

What are Multi-Socket Clusters used for?

Multi socket clusters are used inside of our exterior lantern light fixtures for two reasons. One, when using Clear Seeded or Waterfall art glass for aesthetic appeal. Two, in cases where additional lamps (light bulbs) are desired. Multi-socket clusters are available on all of our exterior lanterns except for the smallest sizes.

Do any of your Interior Wall Sconces come with Thumb Switches?

Yes. All of our Swing Arm Wall Sconces have a thumb switch included standard. To see all of our Swing Arm Wall Sconces, please type "swing" in the search box and a beautiful selection will come up. Nearly all of other interior wall sconces CAN be ordered with a thumb switch for a nominal fee. Please call our sales team for more information or to order a wall sconce with a thumb switch. You will need to specify whether you plan to mount your wall sconce with shade up or shade down so that we can place the thumb switch in the correct location.

What are the materials of your Clip-On Shades?

Our exclusive collection of Clip-On Shades includes hand crafted shades made from: silk, pleated silk, parchment, linen, cherry bark, maple bark, and sheepskin. Please note: we do not usually sell our Clip-On Shades separately from our light fixtures.

What is the recommended wattage for Clip-On Shades?

Never exceed the recommended wattage for Clip-On Shades. Below is a chart based on shade size and material:
• 4x4 inch Parchment and Linen Shades - 40 watt max
• 5x4 inch Parchment and Linen Shades - 60 watt max
• 6x5 inch Parchment and Linen Shades - 60 watt max
• 9x5 inch Parchment and Linen Shades - 100 watt max
• 5x4 inch Silk Shades - 60 watt max
• 6x5 inch Silk Shades - 60 watt max
• 8x6 inch Silk Shades - 100 watt max
• 5x4 inch Sheepskin Shades - 40 watt max
• 6x5 inch Sheepskin Shades - 60 watt max
• 8x6 inch Sheepskin Shades - 75 watt max
• 5x4 inch Cherry Bark and Calfskin Shades - 60 watt max
• 6x5 inch Cherry Bark and Calfskin Shades - 60 watt max
• 9x6 inch Cherry Bark and Calfskin Shades - 100 watt max

Do you make additional styles of Path Lights other than your Market Lights?

Yes! Many of our decorative exterior lanterns can be used as Path Lights if ordered in the smallest size and mounted to a post close the ground. Our solid brass posts are available in heights starting at 24 inches and are finished to match the metal finish of the lantern. You have the option of ordering Line Voltage (120 volt) or Low Voltage (12 volt) versions. Using our smaller lanterns on short posts is a fantastic way to add functional lighting and architectural interest to your home and landscape.

More Hallway Light

Q: I have a long hallway that is only 3 feet wide and gets very little daylight. This hall is lit with two flush ceiling lights with 60 watt bulbs. The fixtures look original, but I want more light. What do you recommend? A: First of all, sconces are out, the hallway is too narrow and besides you don't want to rewire. I recommend you use the current electrical boxes and replace each fixture with a two-light pendant. Position the pendants to run parallel with the hall. This positioning will work better for the narrow width of your hall and will spread the light throughout. This will double your light output without creating bright spots or glare.  By the way, pendants generally provide better quality of light for hallways. Because the light source is brought down from the ceiling, you will benefit from greater reflected ceiling light and a larger spread of light. If you have an 8' ceiling, choose an overall length for the pendants that falls between 12" and 16". If you have a 9' ceiling, the overall length should be somewhere between 18" and 24".  If you like the old hallway light fixtures, and the electrical components are in good condition, recycle by using in another area.  

Is your Oval Linen Fold Sconce with Electric Candle available as a Hurricane Sconce in Polished Brass Metal Finish?

Yes, all of our lighting is made-to-order in our Milwaukee, Wisconsin plant. Each Brass Light Gallery interior light fixture is available in any of our 13 high quality metal finishes, including Polished Brass. The P11440 Oval Linen Sconce with Electric Candle can be custom ordered as a Hurricane Sconce for an additional modest engineering fee. For detailed information on custom modifications of standard light fixtures, please contact our sales team.

Are there different options for the support bracket on 11 inch wide and 13 inch wide Provincial Exterior wall mounted lanterns?

Yes. If the scroll shaped support bracket that comes standard on larger sized wall mounted Provincial Lanterns does not work with your design, we do have a simpler option. Ask our sales team about the Provincial Lantern with a custom discreet angled bracket and smooth mounting plate option. Below is a photo of a London Lantern with an angled support bracket and smooth mounting plate.

Do the Provincial Lantern Curved Arm Exterior Wall Light Fixtures all come with a support bracket?

Only the 11 inch and 13 inch wide wall mounted Provincial Lanterns come with a support bracket. The 9" and 6" sizes do not need the bracket as they are considerably lighter.

How do I change the light bulbs in my wall mounted Provincial Lanterns?

Whether your wall mounted lantern has the single medium base socket or the candelabra base socket multi- cluster configuration, it is easy to change the bulbs.
• If your lantern has a single medium base socket, simply reach through the open bottom of the lantern to unscrew the existing bulb. After you remove it, replace with a fresh, medium base bulb up to 150 watts.
• If your lantern has a two light or three light candelabra base socket multi- cluster, you will be able to gently swivel the rod holding the cluster to make room for your hand. Reach through the open bottom of the lantern and gently push the cluster to one side and unscrew the existing candelabra bulb. After you remove the burnt out bulb, replace it with a fresh, candelabra lamp not to exceed 60 watts per socket. When you have replaced the bulbs, gently push the cluster back to the center of the lantern.
• Please note: If your lanterns are Post or Pier/Column mounted you will need to remove the roof to replace bulbs. This can be easily done by unscrewing and removing the two set screws on either side of the roof. Lift the roof off and set aside. Reach through the top to unscrew the burnt out lamps. Never exceed the recommended wattage: 150 watts for most medium base sockets and 60 watts for candelabra base sockets.

Can I use an LED in the European Country Lantern Pendant?

All of our exterior lanterns are compatible for use with incandescent, CFL or LED bulbs interchangeably, so its just a matter of personal preference. When considering LED bulbs, we recommend a 2700K color rating to achieve a warmer light. This rating scale can be found on the box with the wattage equivalents. The type of art glass panel you choose for your lantern can affect your bulb choice. Translucent art glass panels such as: Gold White Iridescent, Cream, Pearl, Honey Ripple Opaline, Moonlight Billow, and White Opal mask the bulb. More transparent art glass panel choices such as Waterfall, Clear Seeded, and Fountain soften the bulb, but it is still visible through the glass panel.

Is the European Country Lantern available with Overlays other than the standard Truss Overlay?

Yes. Occasionally customers request custom Overlays for our handcrafted European Country Lanterns. To determine whether your custom Overlay request for the European Country Lantern can be fulfilled, please contact our sales team with the details.

Can Pier Mounted fixtures be custom ordered as Low Voltage?

Since we manufacture all of our exterior light fixtures to order, we can modify a lantern to have low-voltage sockets. We typically use a 12 volt G4 Bi-pin base socket and could do a cluster of 2, 3 or 4 to allow for more light. However, we do not integrate a transformer into the fixture, so an external transformer would be needed. Modifying a lantern to have low-voltage sockets does incur an engineering fee. Please contact our sale team for more information.

How much does the Scroll Arm French Country Style Kitchen Island Pendant Weigh? 

Our French Country Style Kitchen Island Three-Light Pendant weighs between 15 to 20 pounds with glass shades. The model number is CN-450-A4-03M and the name is Shoreland Three Light Scroll Chandelier with 2-1/4" shade holders.

Do you sell Gas-Electric Wall Sconces?

Yes. The designs of our handcrafted made to order Gas-Electric Wall Sconces are based on original antique Victorian and Arts & Craft light fixtures. Each of our Gas-Electric Wall Sconces is available in 13 high quality metal finishes and with a variety of shade options. See our Victorian Two-Light Gas-Electric Sconces and our Summit Two Light Gas Electric Sconces to choose the best option for your interior style.

Will Brass Light Gallery provide replacement Set Screws for my outdoor lantern?

Yes. In general, we are able to send you replacement Set Screws for your Brass Light Gallery exterior light fixture. Please contact our sales team with the metal finish and quantity of Set Screws needed.

What is the maximum wattage for your vintage Enamel Pendants?

All of our vintage Enamel Pendants accommodate (1) medium base incandescent lamp. Our vintage Enamel Pendants are wired with high quality electrical components and provide ample task lighting. All of our vintage Enamel Pendants are UL listed and tested in our Milwaukee factory and are up to modern electrical standards.

Can we use an LED bulb in the Carlton Pendant with Globe?

Yes. Our Carlton Pendant Lights with enclosed globes are UL rated for a 100 watt incandescent bulb. LED bulbs give off much less heat than incandescent bulbs. As long as you use LED lamps rated for Fully Enclosed fixture use, you should be able to use LED lamps in our globe fixtures without heat build up.

Can Brass Light Gallery custom make a Saint Tropez Four Arm Chandelier with glass facing down in polished nickel?

Yes. Because our lighting is made-to-order in our Milwaukee, Wisconsin plant, Brass Light Gallery can make a custom Saint Tropez Four Arm Chandelier with glass facing down in polished nickel or in any of our metal finishes. We can also make Saint Tropez Four Arm Chandeliers with glass facing up or as electric candle versions. To house the wiring and to be structurally sound, the center body will need to be larger than our Two Light version. In addition to specifying the width of the fixture, the Overall Length needs to be indicated.

Can the vintage Holophane Baraboo Acorn light fixtures, product codes VP-500-1 and VP-500-2 accommodate a compact fluorescent bulb?

We typically wire the Baraboo Acorn with (1) medium base screw-in socket with a maximum wattage of 150. You can use screw-in CFLs or LEDs. And, if needed for California Title 24, we can provide GU24 bi-pin sockets.

What metal finishes are available for the vintage Holophane Baraboo Acorn light fixtures with product codes VP-500-1 and VP-500-2?

The original antique fittings for the vintage Holophane Baraboo Acorn light fixtures, product codes VP-500-1 and VP-500-2 are available in Satin Steel, Sandblast Steel, Architectural Iron, and Black. Contact our sales team if you need Metal Finish samples to decide.

Does Brass Light Gallery offer Angled Ceiling Mounts for Pendant Lights?

Yes, we are able to accommodate most requests for Angled Ceiling Mounts for Pendants and Chandeliers. Please contact our sales team for more information.

Does Brass Light Gallery make Pendant Lights with Fabric Shades?

Yes. We have a fantastic collection of Pendant Lighting with Fabric Shades in a wide range of scales and styles. Our O-Ring shades range in size from 5 inches to 16 inches and in diverse materials such as silk, cherry bark, maple bark, and sheepskin. Pendants are made to order in the Overall Length you specify. Pendant styles range from rustic to retro to elegant. Not everything is shown on the website, so please contact our sales team or visit our showroom to see the latest designs.