Palladian Alabaster

We named this carved alabaster stone bowl after Andrea Palladio, the sixteenth century Venetian architect whose Renaissance ideas on form and proportion influenced much of Western architecture. The classical serenity of Palladio’s designs appealed to merchant landowners and many of his most famous works were country villas. In America, Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello was inspired by Palladio’s design sensibility. For a classic alabaster fixture that fits in elegant and traditional interiors, consider the Palladian Pendant. This exquisitely carved alabaster stone bowl is available in four sizes from 12 inches to 24 inches and with your choice of solid brass fittings: sleek Smooth Multi-Rod or ornate Classical Multi-Rod. Over the years, homeowners and interior designers have used our elegant Palladian Alabaster Pendants to illuminate Georgian, Colonial Revival, Neoclassic, and Contemporary interiors.